Top 10 UFC T-Shirts

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Since the start of the UFC, one of the things that has became more popular is UFC T-Shirts. So we have listed the Top 10 UFC T-Shirts.

1. Bad Boy Shirt
The Bad Boy Shirt which was worn by Shogun Rua is probably the Coolest of all the UFC T-Shirts. Rua wore this entering in UFC 128.

2. Bad Boy’s Mauricio Shogun Rua UFC 113 Walkout T-Shirt

This is another one of Shogun Rua’s walkout T-Shirts. This is the one worn in UFC 113.

3. Throwdown’s White Lyoto Machida UFC 123 Walkout T-shirt

One of my favourite T-Shirts from one of my favourite fighters. I bought this one while writing this article.

4. TapouT Dead Mans Hand T-Shirt

This is the Tapout T-Shirt that Cowboy Cerrone wore in his walk out in UFC 137.

5. UFC History T-Shirt

This is one of my personal favourites. Plus it’s one of the other UFC T-Shirts that I bought recently. By the way the image doesn’t give this one justice. this looks so much cooler up close.

6. Urijah Faber Form Athletic Walkout T-Shirt

One of the coolest UFC T-Shirts from worn by one of the coolest UFC Fighters. This is the T-Shirt that Faber usually wears when he walks out. The front is cool, but the back is sik.

7. Brock Lesnar DeathClutch  UFC 141 Redemption Walkout T-Shirt

This is the T-Shirt Brock wore in UFC 141. This is one of the most popular UFC Walkout T-Shirts.

8. Shogun Rua’s Bad Boy UFC 139 Walkout T-Shirt

Another Shogun T-shirt, your probably starting to think Shogun’s my favorite UFC fighter. Thing is he isn’t even close. But he does have sik sik T-Shirts.

9. Vitor Belfort’s RVCA UFC Shirt

One of the most popular UFC fighters signature T-Shirt. This is also one of the coolest UFC T-Shirts.

10. Cain Velasquez’ Dethrone Y-Que T-Shirt

This is the Dethrone T-Shirt Cain Velasquez wore on UFC on FOX. One of the Best Velasquez T-Shirts.

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